Saturday, 17 May 2014

Picture This #251 ~ Housing

Thanks for hosting Belita and here are mine.

Part of the estate where I live, and are privately owned apartments, although some are rented.
Local view
Our family lived on the first floor of the building on the corner in the town of Solothurn for 18 years. It was a large flat, we then had four children at home, and as the flat was on the corner we had rooms on both sides.
Corner Schänzlistrasse-Rötistrasse, Solothurn
And this is the Town Hall of Solothurn, Switzerland
Rathaus, Solothurn


  1. Three very nice shots for this week's theme, Pat! Nice residential buildings, surrounded by a green area. They look much better than those multi-storey that we can often see in the cities and which really damage the landscape. Beautiful building where you had your former residence. Easy to figure out how it provided enough room for your whole family... Wonderful look of the Town Hall façade with some artistic ornaments.

  2. Great shots, Pat, love the Town Hall, great colors, so European.

  3. Very modern looking - the first one.

    And two excellent examples of classic old architecture.

  4. Hi Pat !! Good shots for this week's theme. Lovely place where you live now, very clean and fresh. Your previous place of residence also looked a really nice place. Nice classical architecture of the town hall.

  5. Fantastic shots, Pat! The area where you live is so nice and green! Love those huge balconies with potted trees, shrubs.

    The building on the corner that you lived in is lovely.

    The Town Hall is beautiful! I love the pinkish tones with the green of my favorite color combinations.