Saturday, 10 May 2014

Picture This #250 ~ Through Doors And Windows

Hi all Baz in the chair this week, 

I am honored to host the 250th  theme on Picture This, a group that has always been close to my heart, congrats to Mitch to what he has done with the group over the years.

Congrats to Benni on the beautiful capture selected for our banner this week, absolutely stunning ;)

For this weeks theme I chose "Through Doors and Windows". Since I was a young photographer, I have always loved shots through doors and windows (or portals of any kind), either looking in or out.

So to get you started here are my selected shots for this week. Have fun with this and have a great weekend ;) bAZ 

Louisiana Morning - Grand Island, Louisiana 

This was the view from my room when I stayed down on the Island a few weeks after Katrina had passed through!!
PA050026 copy

Union Station Washington DC
_A061683 copy

Ducks in the Morning - Hartley Wintney, Hampshire UK
_3060013 copy

Looking in on Lincoln - Washington DC
_A123022 copy


  1. Hi Baz!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! I hadn't realised we'd reached the 250 milestone til you mentioned it!! Great theme you've chosen. Beautiful first shot, what a great view to wake up to!! Very impressive window in the second shot. My fave is the third shot. Just wonderful colour and light. Great shot of Lincoln to finish with.

  2. ahhh Baz a wonderful theme and our milestone is wonderful
    love all yours

  3. Wonderful view of the sea.

    Love the glorious morning light.

    The Three Little Ducklings.

    It is an impressive monument

  4. Lovely feeling of distance in the view from the window. I like the style of the architecture in the station. Lovely composition with the ducks in front of the window and Lincoln has the best frame, of course.

  5. Hi Baz, what a good theme! I am so flattered to see my picture of pearls as the banner.

    Love your pictures, and of course now that I am taking part in your program on Facebook, I can see how wonderfully you demonstrate the principles you are teaching us. I want to fly out the door of your first picture to see what in on the shore. The light is gorgeous in union station and also on Lincoln. And the ducks in the window are just so whimsical and sweet.

    1. Thank you Benni I am glad your enjoying the workshops ;)

  6. Thanks, Baz, for the good theme! Love the perspective in the top shot, while the shot of the three ducks that seem unaware of the outside shows us a very beautiful light and very nice curtains.

  7. Nice theme and lovely photos, Baz! I love the "Ducks In the Morning"!

    'Love the silhouettes and shadows in your Lincoln Memorial pic.