Saturday, 31 May 2014

Picture This #253 ~ It Takes Two To Tango

Congrats to Pat on a beautiful sunset. Wonderful color for the sky.

I don't usually photograph people so I was surprised at how many shots I had.

These guys are fishermen who accidentally hooked a pelican. They went in and got it, dislodged the hook, and released the bird. I have several pictures of this adventure so you might have seen this one or others.

Gulls on the roof
Another pair looking for fish.

Two Amish women
Looking at shells. A younger woman, not in the picture, went swimming in the same dress.


  1. Great shots, Benni! I love that first one of the fisherman with the Pelican. It must have put up quite a fight. I love everything about this photo from the beautiful sailboat in the distance to the spray that the men are kicking up with their feet as they wade through the water.

    The sea gulls look like a pair of sentinels, poised and alert.

    The Quaker or Shaker women look very interested in something. gathering seashells? Hoping it's not iphones and texting!

  2. cool theme and cool banner
    your pictures are a wonderful mix now I am of to find my two lol

  3. "Gotcha!"

    Both Sides Now

    "I dont get this app. Do you?"

  4. Hi Benni !! Great variety of shots for Debby's theme. It's so good to see how caring those fishermen in the first shot are, having realised what they'd done they did everything to set the pelican free again. Far better than those who leave pieces of line and weights lying around which then get eaten by the birds, which in turn kills them. If those gulls in the second shot were in this area, more likely they'd be looking out for chips, sandwiches or ice-cream rather than fish!! LOL. Great third shot, not at all what you'd expect to see at the beach!!

  5. I do not do people either usually, but you have a few good ones. Love the last, something completely different. The pair of birds are really having a good look at what is going on and the pelican picture is very good.

  6. Many thanks! I do my best, and others do too, to pick up line and hooks (and other litter) left by lazy people on the beach. Those gulls know a sucker when they see one and are waiting for me to throw leftover fish, or chips, or anything, their way. There is an Amish vacation community close to where we holiday and the Amish often come in for the day. They are looking at shells or shark teeth. Thank you all again for your kind words.

  7. Hi Benni! I always have curiosity about the photos you are going to share on here... They never disappoint me... Great! The bottom one is quite unique!!!!

    1. Thank you, Belita. There were so many people on the beach that day, I had to wait forever for them to be out of the way so I could catch these two women relatively alone, and then cropping did the rest.

  8. hi bennie even if a little bit late I came to visit your page. cool pics but the coolest is the last one. ciao ciao