Saturday, 17 May 2014

Picture This #251 ~ Housing

Hi all thanks to Belita for another great theme and thanks to Mitch for selecting my image for the header this week.

I have always enjoyed shooting architectural shots so it was quite a chore selecting just a few for the theme LOL.

Here are my choices.

Housing Louisiana Style, post Katrina! 

Grand Island Gulf of Mexico Louisiana USA
PA060094 copy

Upton House Dorset England
Z0038051 copy

The Old Vicarage West moors Dorset England
P3150046 copy

_7170069 copy


  1. Hi Baz! The nice photo of the ducklings does suit this week's theme.. A very good coincidence!!! I had expected to see some very beautiful shots from you... No disappointment at all... Love them all but the 3rd and the 4th from the top are my favourites. Each one has its own style, yet both are really beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pole-raised house

    To the Manor Born.

    Lovely little vicarage

    There's no place like it!

  3. Love the pretty pics esp second and third. Great shots

  4. Very interesting shots and of course I recognised the last one straight away.

  5. Awesome banner, Baz, you have your ducks in a row! Four wonderful houses, I didn't know the bottom one was yours until I read. What a great place to live.

  6. Baz, I want to congratulate you on the banner again. The first image of the house in Louisiana is something familiar to where I live in Connecticut. The people on the shore had two hurricanes that devastated their homes. I believe that when they rebuild it will have to be raised as this home. I love the photos of the houses in the UK. Upton House would be an excellent setting for a BBC screenplay of an Austen novel. Your home is the loveliest. I love the shrubbery and flowers surrounding the house.

  7. Hi Baz !! Great shots for Belita's theme. Love the Louisiana house, shame it has to be stuck on those ugly piles, but very necessary. Great shot of Upton House. Such a pity it's not open to the public, great gardens though!! The vicarage is so typically British. Your home is great, you've put so much work into it and the garden.

  8. Awww, great shots, but there's no place like home, huh Baz?

    I'd love to see the inside of Upton House.