Saturday, 17 May 2014

Picture This #251 ~ Housing

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week's challenge. She has chosen a great theme, everyone should have plenty of photos for it!!

I'm going to be away for a few days and I'll have limited internet access, so if I can't comment on your entries while I'm away, I'll do it when I return. 

Here are my entries:

1) Thatched cottage, Cenarth, Wales. Was previously a fisherman's cottage but is now a little cafe. 
Cenarth Thatched Cottage

2) Sandbanks, Dorset, England, has some of the highest property prices anywhere in the UK (even more than London, apparently). I'm not even going to try to guess how much this place cost!!
Modern Living

3) This tiny place, in Conwy, Wales, is officially the smallest house in Britain!! The lady is wearing traditional Welsh costume.
UK's Smallest House

4) Abandoned Hopi Dwelling, Wupatki National Monument, Arizona.
Box Canyon Dwelling 4


  1. wondeful shots and a great banner

  2. Hi Mitch all fabulous captures with fantastic variety of housing Looking forward to catching up Monday ;)

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    1. Hi Mitch! I'm always pleased to be of some help to you...
      Four wonderful shots... I would like to go inside that lovely cottage and have a cup of coffee... Nice modern living, yet I'm not very fond of that architecture that these days is also very common in Portugal... The Hopi Dwelling makes me think of how human beings in the Past could live without all the 'comfort' a large part of the world population has nowadays... Intentionally, my last reference goes to the tiny house that I really love, not only for its size and colours but also the cheerful face of the lady wearing such a nice costume..

  4. Love all shot esp the lady with the black cap.

  5. A very good selection Mitch and the last could almost be in Switzerland.

  6. Great pix, Mitch, and what a wonderful contrast between the first cottage and the luxury modern home. Very charming tiny house and sweet lady, and you know I just love that Hopi dwelling.

  7. Great pictures, Mitch. I was surprised that you included the photo from Wupatki National Monument. I have my photos of it too and didn't think about including any of them in our theme. I love the contrast in scale and price range of the house in Dorset and the smallest house in Wales. I love the inclusion of the woman in costume in that photo. I always wish to visit the UK.

  8. Lovely shots, Mitch! That last one is my favorite, but the first one looks so romantic!