Saturday, 10 May 2014

Picture This #250 ~ Through Doors And Windows

Thanks for hosting Baz and congratulations on the banner picture by Benni.

If you take a walk along a London street, where my dad used to live, and pass this window each time, you just have to take a photo. I have enough to do with three felines, but this is a real window full.
Cats in a window in Oxlow Lane

Looking through my photos of Solothurn in Switzerland, I realised that I live next to a town full of portals, doors and windows. Here is looking through the Baseltor, the entrance on the East side of the town
Baseltor, Solothurn

Even funnel spiders have their own little portal to their private web
Funnel Spider in the blackberries


  1. Hi Pat, three remarkable shots. Your town is a beautiful place to live and is lucky to have you to document it. Nice spider, you are right, they do have their own portals. My favorite is the brilliant shot of the kitties in the window. That's so great, such a wonderful photograph.

  2. "How much for those kittens in the window?"

    Impressive arch of the gate

    Beautiful spiderweb

  3. Three awesome shots. Lovely window.... if I had passed by it, I'm sure I would stop to take a photo... Nice shot of that mighty city gate (XVI century?). Very interesting spider-web...

  4. Hi Pat!! Lovely shots for this week's theme. Love the window-full of cats in the first shot. The three looking at you all seem to be closely related, from the same litter probably. Whole lot of grooming going on, too!! Very imposing gateway to Solothurn in the second shot. Good shot of the spider sitting in it's doorway.......waiting for flying visitors, no doubt!!

  5. Wonderful captures Pat your spider is a cool take on the theme ;)