Saturday, 24 May 2014

Picture This #252 ~ Sunrise Or Sunset

Sunrise Or Sunset

Hi all a fabulous theme this week two of my favorite times of day. Congrats to Benni on an awesome header I just love that shot ;)

So here are my choices for this week

Sunrise over the River Avon Ringwood Hampshire England

Sunset Bournemouth Bay Dorset England
Untitled (3)

Sunset Lake Michigan, Michigan USA
July 2013 (78)

Sunset from  The Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia USA


  1. Hi Baz!! Four incredibly beautiful shots!! My fave is the first shot, of the sunrise. I love the mistiness of the scene. Great movement and drama in the second shot. I like the silhouette of the picket-fence in the thirds shot (as well as the colours!!). Wonderful pastel colours in the final shot.

  2. Thanks Mitch, you know how much I love shooting sun rises and sets ;)

  3. Hi Baz, 4 really stunning shots. I am drawn to the drama of the choppy sea at Bournemouth Bay. Very dramatic in color and texture. And, of course, your bottom picture is perfection itself with the sun and three trees.

  4. Almost Japanese in the feel of the shot - utterly lovely and serene.

    Love the burning liquid gold of the sun and the vivid topas sheen of the sky.Beautiful gentle combers lapping the beach.

    Stunnint irridescent sun and vivid orange sky. Love the lining of worn out of fence at the bottom.

    utterly lovely vividly shining sun in the gentle pastels of dusk.

  5. You really capture the best moments with your sunrise/sunsets - beautiful pictures.

  6. Hi Baz! I hope you don't get offended if I say you are a 'Mr.Sunset/Sunrise' as you always share wonderful shots of such hours of the day...

  7. Beautiful work, Baz! The first one is my favorite. The tree looks all silver against the gold. It's magical!

    Lovely photos!