Saturday, 17 May 2014

Picture This #251 ~ Housing

A commercial Building under construction.
 photo ff9bce7a-fb78-4cf1-a217-d9493940795d_zps0a524fd5.jpg

A medium sized garage turned into a home for a large family.
 photo e995838b-98f1-4745-9c80-ccbb87ee4034_zps673d7e7e.jpg

A make shift home for the milkman's family near a park
 photo 6e2e64e4-a649-4f6f-b58a-3b429b2eea26_zpsd8517558.jpg

Unknown type of dwelling.
 photo 05c8b2c6-eb98-4209-a709-b076fd8bcf59_zps217b5464.jpg


  1. Amazing house

    A ramshacle home

    Looks pretty portable

    Looks cool

  2. Hi Nik! You always share with us something interesting and different from what we are used to see. I really appreciate your 4 photos. Each one makes me think about it.... the bottom one is intriguing to me....

  3. Hi Nik, I agree with Belita, you share a view that is different from what we are used to seeing. The commercial building is very interesting, especially the colors. I see the people who live in the garage have a small garden on top. It's a unique picture. The milkman's family's house is colorful and cleverly done with fabrics. The dwelling on the bottom is indeed intriguing, would love to know who lives there and what the inside is like.

  4. Hi Nik!! Great shots for this week's theme. The contrast between the modern building in the first shot and the improvised housing in the second and third shots is quite startling. The final shot is a rather unusual structure. I'd be interested to know who lives there.

  5. Wow, Nik...the housing situation for the poor there must be very bleak indeed.Seeing your photos makes me think of Jacob Riis. Have you ever seen his work?

    Great shots!