Sunday, 18 May 2014

Picture This #251 ~ Housing

We have mostly boring housing here in the midwestern US, so I used my imagination a bit.

My house, front doorbell.

Housing for a crab might be a shell. I was going to take this shell home until its resident popped out.

What post of mine would be complete without a picture from Florida.


  1. Cool bell-button

    My house - in the middle of the beach.

    Wonderful veranda.

  2. Hi Benni!! I like your different takes for Belita's theme!! Love the design for your doorbell. The Hermit crab looks bit annoyed at being disturbed!! LOL. The Florida shot is really nice.....a perfect place to sit with a book and a drink in the late afternoon.

    1. Thanks, Mitch. That crab was indeed quite annoyed, but then he retreated into the shell and it took some patience for me to get him to come out again.

  3. Hi Benni! The bit of imagination you used brought about wonderful effects ... three beautiful shots... Very interesting that oak leaf embellishing the front door... My 1st time to see such a doorbell... very cool! How lucky you were as that guy decided to greet you and your camera... the last photo makes me feel like taking a plane and have rest at that place...

    1. Thanks, Belita, I am so glad you enjoyed the shots. That doorbell won me over when we first went to see the house.

  4. Three wonderful shots, Benni! I love that artistic leaf against the white to highlight your doorbell.

    The second is my favorite! He's a formidable looking little creature!

    The beach towel in the third photos really draws you attention. What a lovely sun room and view!