Saturday, 24 May 2014

Picture This #252 ~ Sunrise Or Sunset

This is a great theme, Mitch, and a chance to go and look at some of my favorite pictures. Thank you so much for using my crab as the banner. After photographing him, I took him and his house back out where I found him and tucked him away safely.

Sunset florida
Sunset on Caspersen Beach, Florida.

Two thousand miles north, the sun has set on Lake Superior in Canada.

Heron at dusk
One of my favorite pictures. A heron standing watch, again on Caspersen Beach, Florida.


  1. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! Love the quality of light in the first shot, the glow of the setting sun on the palms and grasses. I really like the silhouetted trees in the second shot. My fave has to be the third shot. Perfect silhouette of the heron against the pastel twilight colours.

  2. Love the serenity of all three shots

  3. ahhh how wonderful benni all of them

  4. Three beautiful photos, almost building up to a crescendo with the third of the silouhetted bird.

  5. Hi Benni! Congratulations on the header... I really love that awesome shot!
    Another beautiful set of photos you share this week with us. I love all the shots from the first to the last., However, the top one is my favourite... I like the desert beach and the warm light...

  6. Wonderful shots, Benni! I especially LOVE that last one of the heron and the pink crested waves!