Sunday, 25 May 2014

Picture This #252 ~ Sunrise Or Sunset

Impressive photo by Benni for the header - love it.

I will now dig into my archives, mostly sunset as I am not up early enough in the morning for a sunrise.

One of the last places that I thought I would capture a sunset was waiting for the bus in Dagenham when leaving my dad's place, but I just had to take this one, surrounded by buildings, buses and traffic.
Sunset in Dagenham
I suppose even the sun sets on the Alps in Switzerland - taken from the hill in our village where the castle is.
Bernese Alps
We say Santa is baking biscuits when we get a sunset like this - taken from the garden in our estate.
Sunset over Feldbrunnen


  1. Wonderful pictures, Pat, I especially like the incredible colors of your middle picture of the sunset on the Alps. They are marvelous, and to add to the picture are the glimpses of white houses and the fence on the left.

  2. Hi Pat!! Three great photos for this week's theme. If you had not said, I would not have guessed where the first shot was taken. Love the second shot, the clarity and colours are wonderful, and the two hot-air balloons add an extra 'something'. Beautiful colours in the third shot, reflected in the window of the building, too.

  3. Mitch has a sharper eye than I. I totally missed those balloons, but I remember seeing them in another picture you posted.

  4. Three very good shots, yet different but each one has its own beauty. I particularly love the second shot. I think it pictures well a landscape we find in Switzerland. I smiled when I read Santa baked biscuits... beautiful sky colour...

  5. Vividly burning liquid gold in the mass of clouds

    Lovely clear by sky and beautiful horizon rimmed by purple/pink mountains

    Utterly beautiful red clouds

  6. Nice shots, Pat! I love the sunset over the village!