Saturday, 31 May 2014

Picture This #253 ~ It Takes Two To Tango

Hi Picture This!
 Debby Van Enkenvoort here, posting your theme for the week, which is
 "It Takes Two to Tango!" 
 Preferably people (couples) but you could use other things as a last resort.
 Here are my examples:

Prospect Park
Central Park
Battery Park


  1. Hi Debby! What fabulous and romantic pictures, and a great theme! I love the couple on top, lost in their own world in the sun. The couple in the middle are maybe dreaming of each other (nice pants), and the bottom two look so happy. Nice that you also caught a twosome in the background.

    Wonderful banner by Pat, congratulations!!

  2. Beautiful captures Debby and a great theme, I don't do a lot of "people" Photography so I will have to see what I can come up with ;)

  3. LOL I thought so, first time ever I don't have anything suitable for this theme so I will pass this week LOL ;)

  4. Sunkiss'd lovers

    Sleeping Lovers

    Cross'd Lovers

  5. Hi Debby !!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! Interesting theme you've come up with!! I'm a bit short on people-couples, so I've mixed them in with some critter-couples :-)) Love your photos. The first and third couples are certainly wrapped up in each other. The middle couple are just comfortable in each other's company.

  6. Three very good photos showing relaxed moments in the tango scene. All very good captures.

  7. I understand, Baz. I didn't have anything for the sunrise/sunset least not anything that hasn't been shown before. But you know, on the couples you could do two flowers together, etc...doesn't have to people.

    1. OK debby I will check it out ;)

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  9. Great theme, and Hopefully I will have some time to join in.

  10. Excellent theme, Deb! Excellent are your 3 photos, too! All look happy and I like to see happy people...

  11. Thanks everyone for participating. Randall, I hope you make it back! Thanks for the comments, too. I wasn't much of a people person either before moving to NY. I've always been about nature, but there is so much going on here, I have to be more varied in my approach.