Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Picture This # 251 ~ Housing

This first shot is the block that I live on. The large building to the right is the Brooklyn Public Library and to the left, the first building on our block is the Richard Meier "Glass Tower."


This is a photo taken from a friend's highrise apartment building in Manhattan, near South Street Seaport. 


This last shot is looking toward Brooklyn Heights on the east River from The South Street Seaport. Marilyn Monroe lived in Brooklyn Heights when she was married to Arthur Miller.



  1. Hi Deb! Three awesome shots of New York City with its characteristic skyscrapers, ones narrower and taller than others, yet most of them occupying height. Very nice light in the first shot and the buildings are not what we expect to see in the city... Love the different colours in the second while the third is my favourite...

  2. Hi Debby! I have always loved your shots of nature in New York, now I am loving how you have captured the buildings and urban landscape. Love the first one with its pastels and the third with the boats especially!

  3. Hi Debby !! Sorry I'm late commenting, but I've been away for a few days. Three wonderfully different facets of living in NYC. I have to admit an endless fascination for the height in New York. I loved to stand in the streets and photograph almost directly straight up. As you might gather from that, the middle shot is my fave.