Saturday, 3 May 2014

Picture This #249 ~ White, Grey And Black

Black, White and a bit of Gray. This makes for some fun shots. Pulling the color out and seeing what is left.

A bit of Black.

A bit of white

A bit of Gray

Now taking a bit to put my foot up and looking at everyone's shots.


  1. Thank you for choosing my shot for the background this week.

  2. love them all Randall especially the foot

  3. Black and white really brings the pictures to life. The house could be an illustration for a Bronte book, lovely solo shot of the bird. The figures seem to vibrate and the foot is great.

  4. And congratulations on the banner photo

  5. Hi Randall!! As always, superb shots for the theme!! The old house set against the beautiful sky is perfect in B&W. Love that cute lil hummer sitting in the bush. Great sculptures in both the third and fourth shots.

  6. Hi Randall, congrats on the banner shot, magnificent of the field and mountain. I love all your photographs but my favorite two are the bottom ones, I love how you have captured the sheen on the light on the metal (or marble but looks like metal to me). Really great!

  7. The little house on the prairie.

    Delightful little bird

    Cool modern art

    Playing footsie

  8. Awesome shots, Randall! All are my favourites...