Saturday, 10 May 2014

PT CCL ~ Through Doors And Windows

Marvellous pearl necklace in the banner by Benni.

A window in a little cottage.
 photo 1_zps9ba8c85b.jpg

Taken from our car - there was a mass of crows gathered all over.
 photo 2_zpsb4eab44b.jpg

A gate to a garden near a castle we visited.
 photo 3_zps282b9f56.jpg


  1. Nice framework with the curtains on the first shot. I think the crows are taking over, good capture. Interesting gatework which frames the garden very well.

  2. Hi Anders! What a soothing window in your picture up top. I love how the light plays on the curtains. Your second is beautiful and broody with the dark colors and crows. Fascinating gate in the third.

  3. Three good shots, Anders! The first is my favourite... very nice curtains!

  4. Hi Anders!! Three very good shots for Baz's theme. Lovely curtains in the first shot, along with the litttle bits of sunlight falling on them. Stone the crows!! That's a lot of birds!! LOL. Love the spiraling ironwork of the gate in the third shot!!

  5. Three perfect captures for the theme Anders very nice work ;)