Saturday, 24 May 2014

Picture This #252 ~ Sunrise Or Sunset

Hi everyone, this is Mitch!! I've been away for most of the last week, visiting my folks and then visiting Baz, so I didn't have time to organise a host for this week, so I'll be doing it myself!!

Before this week's theme, just a reminder (again!!) to remember that not everyone can post at the weekend and to come back later in the week to check for later posts and comment on them. Members who post after the weekend always seem to get less comments.

This week's theme is an old favourite of mine, but we haven't done it in quite a while: Sunrise or Sunset. It can be either or both. Let's see some glorious colours!!

1) Sunset over Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Sunset Seas 3

2) Sunset clouds over the Cleddau River at Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Refinery Colour 2

3) Sunset over Carew millpond, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Carew Sunset 3

4) Flying in the sunset, somewhere between Nevada and New Jersey.
Sunset Wing


  1. oh how wonderful all of it
    love the banner <3 <3

  2. Hi Mitch a great theme, it was great to see you again, sorry it took so long for you to get home!!!!!! Congrats to Benni on an awesome header beautiful work ;)

    Four great shots from you Mitch, but the first one stands out for me just full of action and drama Lovely work mate ;)

  3. Love the liquid burning gold of the sun and the gentle pastel of the clouds and the waves frothing around the rocks.

    Beautiful god's light.

    I see ur winging it.

  4. Hi Mitch, just love your shots. The first is special to me with the spray on the left side and the texture of the water. Love the colors of your next two and what an exquisite picture of the jet wing. The colors of the wing and the sky really complement each other.

    Thank you for choosing my little crab as the banner shot. I'm honored.

  5. All very beautiful. Wales shown at its best in the first, second and third and the last is a jewel - almost film ripe. As the golden sun sinks slowly in the West etc. etc.

  6. Love the four beautiful shots.... different lights... different colours...all beautiful! The top one is my favourite...

  7. Wow, I absolutely love that first shot, Mitch! Just beautiful and one I'd love to own a copy of.

    The rest are very nice, but I keep going back to that first one to look at it again and again.