Saturday, 10 May 2014

Picture This #250 ~ Through Doors And Windows

A display window at a departmental store
 photo 2c17fbc0-7da2-4ba9-a4ee-5fc0ff6c53cd_zps4e3c6f8e.jpg

Through a car window, I see a very angry man
 photo 5ccd7c35-6683-461c-8c37-3dcdc8441ccb_zps8f92be35.jpg

Through a store window, I see city life in full swing.
 photo 72b24cd0-019f-4964-8495-0118dd737894_zpse0880d94.jpg


  1. Hi Nik!! Great to see you taking part this week. Your photos always bring something a little different to the group (in a good way!!). Very colourful display in the department store window. I see they go for 'minimalist' design. Yes, the guy in the second shot definately doesn't look like he's having a good day!! Maybe trade was bad? LOL. Great glass and reflections in the third shot.

  2. Very cool

    "Whatchoo goggling at?"

    Clean and stylish

  3. Yes, your photos are always something different, giving us a peek into life in India. Love the shop window with its colours. Good capture of the angry man and a nice compositon with the store window looking out.

  4. Hi Nik! Thanks for your three great and interesting shots. Love the colors in the first one. The second two are a great pair for the contrast. An angry man with bright colors in the shot, and, in contrast, a serene table and stools with soothing green. They are wonderful; I like them very much.

  5. I always like to see your photos, they show us a little of your world... Thank you!

  6. Nice shots, Nik! I love the flower power, hippie type scene in the first photograph.

    lol, that guy doesn't look very happy about you taking his picture.

    I love the trees/plants in the window of your last shot.