Sunday, 24 March 2013

Picture This #192 ~ Glass





  1. Terrific shot of the marina.

    "Here's looking at me, Nico."

    "Im cool."

  2. Hi Nico !! Great shots for this week's theme. I've noticed before that you like to use glass and reflections, so a perfect theme for you!! Great first shot, the sloping glass creates a great angled reflection. Cool self-portrait in the second shot!! Love the third shot, I've done one very similar myself!!

  3. Good to see you, Nico! Magnificent pictures; I thought you might like this theme. Your first shot is marvelous, an unusual and very intriguing angle! Nice to see you in your second picture. I love the third as well, taken in Venice? Three great and very unique pictures, grazie!!

    1. yes I shot it in Venicew while in a gondola

  4. Nico, what magnificent shots. My favorite is the last one. Great capture of Venice reflected in the sunglasses. I like the angled reflection of the marina as well. Good image of our reflection too.

  5. Great reflection shots.
    The last one is really cool!

  6. Three lovely shots, the first and third are really great

  7. Three awesome shots Nico I must say.

  8. bellissimo nico
    I almost did it like you to but took te other route yours are sooo wonderul

  9. Oh Nico, always the artist. I simply adore the first shot with the glass reflections and then we meet the man himself too. Love it love it. Great captures.

  10. Can you imagine living in one of those little houses along the pier? It would be fun to get to know the people who live there. I've gone back and enlarged that pic three or four times just to get a better look. I love the reflections of the pier and boats in the glass above.

    In this second shot we not only can a wonderful reflection of the scenery, but a wonderful shot of you as well. Our bonus shot of the week! BTW, you look very nice in purple!

    Make that two bonus shots. This last one is my favorite! Very creative!

  11. Three excellent shots on the theme, Nico! You always post shots that please my eyes...Thanks!