Friday, 8 March 2013

Picture This #190 ~ Colorful Patterns

Here Are My Colorful Patterns

Colorful patterns in bicyclers
Colorful Patterns

Colorful patterns on the ground
Spanish Art Center in San Diego
Colorful Patterns II

Colorful patterns found in Lisbon
Colors in Lisbon


  1. Wonderful trio of shots.

    I especially love the paving and the laundry.

  2. All the three photos are really colourful, Sophie! Love the colourful patterns on the pavement... very Spanish!

  3. Love the wild bunch of helmets on the bikers! I haven't become accustomed to riding with a helmet. Such sleek designs. They look so futuristic, don't they?

    The stone floor of the Spanish Art Center is so pretty. I'd love to see that! I'm so glad we can experience it through your lovely photo. I love the colorful orbs overhead, too.

    I think my favorite is the clothes on the clothes line. Not only is it colorful, it has such a homey feel to it.

  4. Three great pictures! I especially lo ve the tiles of the middle one and wonder how they were colored. They look like they could be chalk. But more durable. Nicely done.

  5. Three great choices. You certainly live in a colourful world. Even the washing line is colourful.

  6. Beautiful shots for the theme I live them all very much, nice work;)

  7. Hi Sophie. Three very good takes for Debby's theme!! The first shot is not only colourful, but practical, too!! Love the shot of the Spanish Art Centre, very colourful and happy. A place I'd love to visit. Even the washing has colourful life!!

  8. very nice pics. the one I prefer is the second. ciao

  9. what a colorful world we live in! I can't pick a favorite this time :)

  10. Wonderful colourful entries, Sophie. I am lost for choice here, maybe the last one. Colourful washing. Good work.