Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Picture This # 189 ~ A Moving Moment

This is a shop window on Madison Avenue, NYC.


A couple eying their iphones rather than engaging in communication between themselves over lunch. I love the way one passerby is looking straight into my camera as they walk by, while one guy turns around to see exactly what I'm shooting.

Park Slope, 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.


This last shot is of Coney Island Beach. We watched this young man do several stunts. In this picture he was about to somersault off the beam backwards.  



  1. Wow, what great pix! Your middle one is very telling of human nature. The couple engrossed in their iphones. The man clever or curious enough to look to see what you were shooting. New York is such a stimulating place. I have GOT to get back there one of these days.

  2. Oh wow ... great shots, all three ... you can sense the anticipation in the last one ... kind of almost expect him to flip as I look ~smile~ ...
    Brilliant capture of those guys ... classic almost ... the one guy is seriously thinking ... they obviously thought you must be some real deal photographer ....
    Love that shop window one!! Great captures ....

  3. "You'll be dogmeat soon, matey."

    "How about pint, buddy?"

    Training for the Crane Technique. (karate referense)

  4. That first one is really something origina. The second is almost a New York state of mind and the Coney Island photo is very interesting.

  5. Hi Debby!! Love your selections for this theme!! The shop window display is fabulous. The second shot just has so many elements that keep the eye moving :-)) Great anticipation in the last shot, you're almost willing him to leap!!

  6. Thank you for the fun first photo. It is very well done by a person who has not lost their sense of funny. Or is my mind twisted? LoL

    I have often wondered why people go out together when they don't even bother to talk to each other because of their cell phones.

    Hope that guy knows what he is doing. That sand is not soft. LoL

    Three great photos Debbie.

  7. Excelent choices for this week's theme. The top one is my favourite...

  8. Three fantastic captures for the theme.
    The first shot is simply magical! My favorite! :)

  9. three fab pics fit for the theme. ciao