Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture This #192 - Glass

Thanks so much for hosting, Benni, and for such a great theme. I knew right away two of the photos I would use, but had to search for the third. My first: a variety of glass bottles from the 1940s:
Stuff from the 1940s

A crystal chandelier from one of the Trump casinos in Atlantic City:
Picture 042

And a Swarovski crystal star. This star is a duplicate of the star that they place on top of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York:
Crystal Star 2


  1. Hi, Joanne. So happy you liked the theme. Wow those bottles are great! I am glad I was never dosed with cod liver oil. But what great memories. And great old bottles. The chandelier is magnificent!! Maybe my favorite. And I see now looking that there are three of them. Very cool. I also love your Swarovski crystal star - I knew one was placed atop the Christmas tree but it is so nice to see it up close. Terrific shots!

  2. Joanne, that is quite a bottle collection. It's interesting to view products that are no longer in production. Nice capture of the chandelier in the casino. I was thinking about submitting a photo of the chandelier in Radio City Music Hall. Finally, a close up of the Swarovski crystal star before it becomes a tree topper in Rockefeller Center.

  3. Jo what a fab collection of bottles.
    Your crystal chandelier is gorgeous and the star is really nice.

  4. They don't do bottles like that any more, what a collection. The chandelier is very impressive and A Swarovski crystal star is a real hit.

  5. wonderful collection of glass bottles

    Utterly lovely chandelier.

    What a magnificent piece of art

  6. hi Joanne, love the first pic with all those old bottles

  7. Hi Honey!! Love your three shots for Benni's theme. The first one is my fave, I love seeing old products like that, one or two of them were even known on this side of the pond. I shudder at the thought of Cod Liver Oil though, disgusting stuff!! Beautiful shot of the chandelier in the Atlantic City casino. Lovely shot of the crystal star, too :-))

  8. It would be a dream to see that star glittering like that Joanne. The chandelier is beautiful and those bottles remind of my very early years, especially the codliver oil. Yuck!

  9. Hi Joanne, what a collector you seem to be too? I still use Calamine lotion, the best for itchy bites ever even though I looked quite funny totally pink recently when got a thing of hives, just before Christmas, due to so much stress lol

    that chandelier is an absolute mouth dropping ostentatious piece of adornment, but what to expect from ole Trump? Fantastic capture from you.

    Wow the star, it is huge. You don't realise when looking on Television how big it is.

  10. Love the old bottles, Joanne. That ad made me think of when I was 8 yrs old. I had the mumps and my mother slathered cod liver oil all over my neck. I reeked of the stuff for about a week. What a miserable time I had!

    Beautiful chandelier! I haven't made it to Atlantic City, yet. I'm not a gambler but I do want to see it.

    The Swarovski cystal star is lovely. I have a few shots in side of their shop there.They would only let me shoot a couple of things, like the bench and the curtain of crystals and one wall panel.

  11. I have some vintage medicine things too. All are really nice examples for the theme

  12. Wow... Joanne, fantastic shots on this week's theme. Most of those bottle labels are familiar to me... Gorgeous chandelier... Beautiful star made out of Swarovski sparkling crystals!