Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture This #192 ~ Glass

Here Are My Glass Photos

Colorful Glass Vases
Glass Vases

Glass Chandelier
Glass Chandelier

Broken Glass Window
Broken Glass


  1. How unique your selections are; I just love them. That is incredible glass up top, wonderfully photographed. You did a great job with the glass chandelier, it stands out very well with a very nice ethereal effect. The bottom one is a study in contrasts: color, texture, the sturdy rock and the broken glass. It may be my favorite but I cannot decide.

  2. ah how wonderful love the first one and of course the chandelier is so wonderful
    the broken glass lol

  3. Three great shots ... absolutely love the colours of those vases ... too beautiful! Great interpretation with that broken window ....

  4. What a delightful plethora of colours and shapes.

    Beautiful chandelier. Cool take on the theme with the broken window.

  5. Hi Sophie !! Three wonderful variations for this theme!! The vases in the first shot are so vibrantly colourful and fun!! Excellent shot of that beautifully ornate chandelier. Dramatic third shot, of the broken window!!

  6. Sophie, the glass collection is so pretty and colorful! Such artistic pieces. They belong in a museum. Great shot!

    Love the chandelier. Where did you find it?

    Yikes, that last shot is the BEST. It reminds me of how fragile life and love can be at times.

    1. The chandelier was taken in the Queluz National palace in Portugal.

      Thank you, Debby :)

  7. These are really very good. The first are a wonderful arrangement of glass vases, a very nice chandelier and the broken window is a great catch.

  8. Sophie I adore all of your shots for glass.
    The vases are just beautiful and the chandelieris striking.
    The broken glass looks like I should get out of the way so it doesn't hit me.
    Wonderful shots.

  9. Did you purchase any of those blue vases?
    The chandelier is delicate enough to catch your attention. nice shot.
    The broken glass is my favorite, Sophie

  10. terrific shots the first and the last

  11. Wonderful selection of glass vases, so colourful, are they yours or from a shop? I would buy them all, I am terrible with collecting stuff

    Beautiful chandelier and you caught it so nice and clear.

    Did a ball go through that window, jeiks, very well captured.

  12. Great shots, love the colors in the 2nd one

  13. All different, all beautiful...isn't that chandelier one we saw at Queluz Palace?

  14. Oh my Sophie, can I be greedy and have ALL of those vases please? They are awesome.

    While I am at it I would like the second one too please. Stunning.

    Yikes! Someone has a window to fix. great shot.