Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture This #192 ~ Glass

Picture This - Glass

This is a red patio light in the snow. Glass light in snow photo DSC_3853_zps5e5026cd.jpg

Chuily glass glass art for Picture This photo glassy_zps39925543.jpg

Glass Art
 glass art photo glasschuly_zpsdaa5ff6e.jpg


  1. Wow - that is cool.

    amazing horse and roof.

    Incredible glass art.

  2. Hey Marianne your photo looks great up there. Very
    nice capture.

  3. Hi Sue, three very bright and lovely shots. The red with snow is striking and quite unique. I had not heard of Chuily glass before and I will need to look it up. I love the combination of the horse, the people and the ceiling. My favorite is the bottom; it is a stunner with the blue sky, red reflection and yellow art. Is that the Seattle space needle? It is so gorgeous.

    1. Benni I am afraid I spelled his name wrong. It is Dale Chihuly.
      Yes that is the Seattle Space Needle. They have a museum of his works there
      inside and out.
      here is a link

  4. Three lovely shots!
    The last one is wonderful, the color contrast makes the shot, I think.

  5. The patio light really warms up the scene, doesn't it? despite the snow! Nice shot!

    Love the art work by Dale Chihuly. I think I've seen some of his stuff recently. Absolutely gorgeous glass work on the ceiling, there.

    The yellow piece in that last shot is remarkable. It almost looks a sea creature.

  6. The snow covered patio light is a good shot. I love the ceiling image. I think the last image is my favorite because you of the angle. The night sky is a good contrast to the lighted glass sculpture.
    Very nice.

  7. A good shot on the patio light - a nice angle. The second photo is very impressive and I like the third one very much with the reflections in tbe window.

  8. Hi Sue!! Great to see you taking part this week!! Three terrific shots for the theme. Love the simplicity of the red patio light with snow on it. The Chihuly glass ceiling ornaments look familiar, I think I've seen some in one of the casino hotels in Las Vegas. Wonderful shot of the illuminated glass-art in the last shot, it's really dramatic with the Space Needle towering over it!!

  9. Wow Sue, love all three the second one blew my mind, it is stunning and the third one I love it to bits. I had the pleasure of watching a program of it being made and how the bits were put together. At one stage they were in that Garden place in England in the lily pond. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it. LOL. It is famous too!

  10. Wonderful shots all of them, Sue. That snow will surely melt quickly with the light on? Wonderful interesting ceiling art. I have never seen anything similar to it, so interesting and I simply love the last photograph. Now will have to look up all the links to find out more (curiosity killed the cat, they say, but simply have to know)

  11. Love them all for the bright colours but the top one is my favourite.