Saturday, 16 March 2013

Picture This #191 ~ My Favourite Things

Hi all thanks to Marianne for a great theme this week. 
Although many of my "Favourite Things" and objects and people, I also have many that are more intangible,  here are three of them.

Morning Light: Dawn Breaking over the heathland of the New Forest Hampshire England.


Tranquillity: The peacefulness of my garden at the height of Summer.


Reflections on water. Moor Lake, Moor Valley, Dorset, England.



  1. Wow that is a stunning shot.

    Love the peaceful garden and lake.

  2. hi baz I wish I could spend an afternoon in your garden sipping tea and having a chat with you, very niceplace you've got there. ciao

  3. HI Baz !! Three excellent choices for the theme. The misty early morning sunlight in the first shot is just beautiful. You have a lovely garden, it's such an oasis of calm. Can't beat the Moors Valley lakes for tranquility :-))

  4. Beautiful shots! Baz :)
    I like your "Dawn Breaking" very much.

  5. 3 beautiful "things" that definitely make you feel at home. The garden, local morning light and a wonderful lake - well done Baz

  6. Three very beautiful shots. Very inviting garden...

  7. Very lovely pictures; I am drawn to the golden light of the first!

  8. Impossible to pick a favorite, I keep changing my mind. LOL

    They are lovely Baz.

  9. You are such a nature baby, Baz. I understand how you get cabin fever in bad weather. I am drinking in the beauty and tranquillity in all 3 captures and wishing you a wonderful spring and summer. Now you know how big that is for me as it means I have winter, so be grateful. *grins*