Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture This 192 - Glass

Lovely Rose banner by Marianne and thanks for hosting this week Benni with your surprising choice. I had to get busy with my camera today as my glass pictures are few and far between and I have used most of them before.

This is a so-called bride's vase according to an antique handler I once asked. The were used by the bride for her flowers at the wedding when she was dancing at the reception and doing other such things.  My grandfather bought it at an auction about one hundred years ago, but neither he or my dad knew what it was. I do not think it is valuable, but it is to me.

This is glass wall lamp at home, with a few cat statues in front of it.The one on the left has been in the family since I was a kid. The one in the middle belonged to a pair of book-ends, but one got broken. That is also about one hundred years old. 


Seen on market day in the town of Solothurn

Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn


  1. I love that bride vase! so elegant.
    Old things are very precious to me.
    Great third shot for this theme.

  2. Hi Pat !! Three fabulous entries for Benni's theme. That's a very unusual vase in the first shot, I've never seen one like that. Perhaps it is valuable, you never know!! I like the glass wall-lamp, it has a simple elegance. And, of course, no surprise to find some cat statues!! Those hanging-glass ornaments in the last shot are really nice!!

  3. Love the vivid blue of the vase.

    Beautiful lamp

    Wonderful pieces of glass.

  4. You have some gorgeous glass.
    I love the third one a lot, but like them all.

  5. How wonderful, Pat, that you have told some stories with your glass photographs. I never knew about bride's vases; yours is exquisite and wonderfully captured. I like your cats in the cool white light of the wall lamp. Nice to have things about which have history. How enchanting are the mobiles with glass centers! Very nicely done.

  6. The bride glass vase has very unique shape, and a royal blue color, very nice.
    Second photo has lots of memories, doesn't it?

  7. The brides vase is such an intense blue! lovely piece!

    When I saw the cat pieces I somehow knew that this was your set of photos,Pat, without even seeing your name. I love the stretchy kitty. Nice arrangement and composition.

    Lovely window display!

  8. I love your account of how you acquired the bridal vase. It's lovely. Now knowing that you're a cat lover, it wasn't a surprise to see the cat figurines. Nice capture with the wall sconce. The market in Solothurn is my favorite. Such variations in design.

  9. wonderful and I learned something new thanks Pat

  10. Beautiful shots Pat. You vase is valuable. I saw an Antiques Road Show series and one was there.
    Love the soft light the second one shows and of course the kitties are fabulous.
    Would love a collection of those glass wind thingys in the bottom one. I have only seen plastic ones here and didn't like them.

  11. Your Bride's Vase is exquisite, I think Shayna is right, it is valuable, it would look soooo nice by my blue room *hint hint* lol

    The collection of glass cats not surprising, I love the tall one .

    I would buy all the wind-charms from the market, thy are beautiful .

  12. That blue vase is fantastic, love it. Your other photos are nice too.

  13. Beautiful blue vase, very nice lamp as well as the decorative items. Do you use that traditional Japanese cast iron teapot to make tea? I have one but I don't like to use it for tea unless I make green tea. Very original strings with those different shapes of glass ornaments...

    1. That teapot arrived with my husband when we got married. He used to use it, but I eventually filled it with earth and planted something in it. Now it is just ornamental.