Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Picture This #192 ~ Glass ~ Lynda

I didn't find the photos I was looking for but did come up with something so I guess the search wasn't a complete failure.  

My first photos is a blue glass insulator on a steel rod that I use to keep the water hose from being drug across the flower bed.  
I just like the way sun shines though the colored glass at different times of the day.

DSC_3243 - Copy

My next photo is one I did for a photo blog back on Multiply so some of you may have seen it.  Items setting near the kitchen window - my breakfast being made.  
Grits -- my own Texas country style.

Untitled-1 - Copy

Some of you may have seen this photo too.  
It's the old run down house across the road.  
Photo taken looking into the rear view window of the pickup.  
A tree is also reflected in the pickup window.

DSC_1561 copy


  1. Hi Lynda!! Good to see you taking part this week!! Three good takes on the theme, even if they weren't your first choices. I like the colour of that insulator. Was it originally part of an electric fence system? Nice shot of breakfast. I have never tried 'grits', in fact I'm not even sure what 'grits' are!! Great shot of the house, trees and windmill reflected in the pick-up's mirror!!

    1. Russ thinks the insulator was on an old telephone pole. Some types were on electric line poles. I think some might have used the discarded insulators for electric fences.

      photos of insulators on poles

      Grits are a southern US item. Ground dried corn. I make it sometimes instead of oatmeal if I want a hot cereal for breakfast.

  2. Three different shots on the theme, yet all very good takes, Lynda!

  3. Hi Lynda, nice to see you. Great pictures. I also like to see how light at different times of day changes the look and color of glass. Your breakfast picture is yummy, I like grits and that is a beautifully cozy shot. The last is just such a stunner!! Wow - the way you took it makes it all the more striking. Terrific, all three.

  4. The first one is really a great found for the Glass theme.

    The third photo is an amazing capture, a full composition reflected in the Glass.

  5. The bottom one is priceless Lynda. Just my style. LOL
    Your breakfast looks interesting.
    I like the idea of the top one too.

  6. Wonderful blue glass. Beautiful composition. Rear view.

  7. hi linda, three good shots but the last one is a masterpiece, love it veeeryy much. ciao

  8. Great Glass entries, Lynda as the majority seem to agree the last one is priceless. Fantastic Capture. That house looks haunted too.

    1. lol at haunted -- more like infested with bugs, snakes, and skunks that like to come over and visit our place plus it's a fire hazzard!

  9. Three very enterprising photos. Even the cover for the hose is something unique. Food is always good and the last photo of the reflection in the car side window is very interesting.

  10. Cool photos, Lynda. I love the old dilapidated house reflected in the truck mirror.

    Yummy grits! and a great pic! I haven't had grits since moving to NY!

    Love the old glass insulator. I have seen a lot of these at antiqueshops/flea markets, but not any that are this pretty blue/green color.