Sunday, 10 March 2013

Picture This Challenge #190 - Colorful Patterns

Thanks for a great theme, Debby! My first:

A water lily
Water Lily

The ceiling at the China exhibit in Epcot
Ceiling in China section of Epcot

A boat dock at Disneyworld:
Boat Dock


  1. wow that flower
    the Chinese ceiling wow
    lots of color and pattern on the dock

  2. These are really impressive. The water lily is just shining with colour. The celing is a very rewarding photo and even Disneyworld is a source of wonderful colour. Congratulations on three great photos.

  3. Wow - that is amazing.

    Love the intricate panelling.

    What a wonderfully colourful balcony.

  4. Hi Honey. Three awesome shots for Debby's theme!! The water-lily is just stunning. Fabulous shot of the China exhibit at Epcot. I don't recall the boat dock....which Disney park was it?

    1. It was at Animal Kingdom, taken when I went with Michelle

  5. hi joanne love the flower and the ceiling. ciao

  6. Three awesome shots for this week's theme, Joanne! Love the three but the ceiling and the boat dock are my favourites.

  7. all three are the epitome of color and pattern! stunning shots...

  8. What lovely pictures! The lily is awesome, almost doesn't look real. I want to touch it. Very beautiful. I also like the China ceiling and the boat dock colorful and intriguing.

  9. wonderful, all so colourful, but my fav is the last one.

  10. Wonderful shots. The water lily is stunning. The ceiling in the China exhibit is captured excellently. Did you lean back on one of the railings to take this shot? The boat dock at the Jungle Cruise is great. I don't recall it being so colorful but then it's been awhile since we've been there.

  11. That first shot is my favorite, Joanne! Just splendid! and cropped perfectly!

    Amazing colors and patterns in the 2nd

    and the boat dock has such vivid colors!