Sunday, 10 March 2013

Picture This #190 ~ Colorful Patterns

Sorry it took so long. It is really a chore to upload and/or edit in Photobucket (maybe my internet speed is too slow). Sadly that is one reason I don't always participate. Anyway I thought these were worth sharing:
 photo AirlieGardens009_zps8c0b6b0e.jpg
Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens, Wilmington North Carolina
 photo AirlieGardens021_zps2ed5d8f2.jpg
Close up of some of the bottles
 photo AirlieGardens025_zps38aece7b.jpg
The top front


  1. Hi Danette!! It's always good to see you taking part :-)) Wow, these are great!! What a wonderful, colourful and artistic way to use old bottles!! It'd love to see and photograph this myself!!

  2. Hi yes Photobucket has been temperamental latly I had trouble to I even uploaded my PB pic to Flicker and edited there oh well
    lovely lovely colors and patterns

  3. That is really a brilliant kaleidoscope of colours.

  4. Wow... Danette... how interesting and artistic 'recyling'... thanks for taking part in this Challenge, I wouldn't see such gorgeous colours in a unique structure, otherwise!

  5. That's absolutely magnificent. I love the colors and the way light plays off of the glass.

    I gave up on Photobucket. I even wrote them and told them so. Then I went with Flikr, it is so much easier for old computers on slow connections.

  6. Wow, impressive indeed!
    I really like how they recycled those bottles and make them into such wonderful art piece.

  7. That is lovely, Danette. Try using flickr instead of photobucket, it is faster. Nice to see you taking part.

  8. ohhh, these are lovely. I thought I had commented on the first one, before. Absolutely gorgeous colors!

  9. I love colour and these photos sure have that. What a fabulous way to recycle.