Friday, 15 March 2013

Picture This #191 ~ My Favorite Things

Gloaming refers to the last rays of light in the dusk of a clear day.

The sun is striking the branches and leaves of this tree and lighting it up brightly; I didn't alter the color at all. This picture was taken on one of my mother-in-law's last days. We would spend time with her at hospice and then come home and walk.  It was a sad time, but now I have good memories of how she lit up our world with her spirit.


I love these brave little flowers that come up through the snow in March or even February. After one of our hard Michigan winters, they are such a welcome sight.

Shoes on the beach

One of my favorite places is Caspersen beach. Here it is custom to leave your shoes, for a few hours when you are walking in the sand, or as a good-bye gesture, as this man has done. The shoes had been  there for about a week when I took the picture.


  1. Hi Benni !! Three wonderful choices for Marianne's theme. I love how that tree is lit by sinking sun, and such a wonderful way to remember your mother-in-law. Fabulous shot of the snowdrop emerging from the snow. What happens to all the old shoes left behind at Caspersen Beach?

    BTW, sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago asking you about hosting. Haven't had a reply yet.

    1. Just sent a reply - oops, haven't been checking email like I should.

      I think periodically the old shoes and other, less attractive debris gets picked up by park staff. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Good Morning Benni. Your first shot and the story behind it brought a lump to my throat but a smile to my face. Precious memories, I understand the feeling you have of her spirit lighting your world. She is still watching over you and close by, just be open to the signs she leaves for you. My grandmother often visits me. She always said, be aware Marianne, I will always be with you just as God is always with you. She was right.

    I miss the snowdrops here in South Africa. There is only 2 seasons. Summer and Winter or maybe one day in between. LOL. The Snowdrops and Eranthis are precious signs in the snow that soon soon, it will melt and spring will arrive.

    Lovely captures , those shoes are mismatched? Such a funny custom, though. I could not just leave my shoes behind, unless I knew it went to a good charity of course.

  3. Beautiful tree. The very sign of Spring. Waiting for the return of their owner.

  4. fantastic shots , the second is fab. ciao benni


  6. Benni three wonderful compositions. The true meanings of favourite things.

  7. Three beautiful captures, Benni! I can't choose between the 2nd and the third... both are awesome!

  8. Many thanks! I think the shoes are mismatched because one fell off the steps into the water, got soaked, and then was returned by a kind soul.

  9. I really like your choices for this theme.
    I like the second shot the most.
    Those shoes seem to hold some stories...