Saturday, 23 March 2013

PT CXCII - Glass.

Taken on a visit to Helsingör the Summer of '08.
 photo 04_Shopentrance_zps4573a1f0.jpg
Taken at a visit to the Fredriksdal Open Air Museum the Summer of 09.
 photo DSC_0016_zps3473d9ce.jpg
Taken at a visit to a long time friend of mum's
 photo DSC_0657_zps2b0fcef0.jpg


  1. All three are simply wonderful, especially love the first one.

  2. Hi Anders!! Three good takes on the theme this week. Lots of glass items in that shop in the first shot!! Wonderful reflections in both the second and third shots. I think I like the middle one best.

  3. I'm in love with your first picture. That girl is certainly enjoying her ice cream and the other objects inside and outside really add to the interest. Your middle picture has intriguing reflections and I love the bottom one with the ivy or vines swirling around the window. Three nice shots.

  4. Nice shots, Anders. The first pic is so cute. That ice cream come is sooo big!!!

    Love the old wooden framed, hinged windows in the second and the reflections.

    That last one looks so cool and shady...and romantic!

  5. Thanks Debby.

    Thanks all of you for you appreciation.

  6. The first photo is really somethinng different, a good capture. The other two windows are also very interesting.

  7. Hi Anders, I so love the first photo, you know, I love ice-cream! :)
    I like the old window, and what's reflected on it.
    A small glass window did have eyes.

  8. Anders you have some wonderful photo's here.
    I love the reflections and the little Girl on the door.

  9. Haha, that ice-cream girl is really cute.
    Three nice photos for Glass theme. Anders

  10. lovely reflections Anders, hej hej

  11. Great captures, Anders all 3. The little girl seems familiar, sure I have seen somewhere before. Adorable with that huge Vaffel is.

    I really really love the middle capture. Something about reflections in a window. Wonderful and the last window is so pretty framed with the ivy. Nice job, my friend.

  12. Thanks Marianne. If you walk up from the ferrys/soundboats you come up up this street and about halfway this little shop lies.