Saturday, 9 March 2013

Picture This #190 Colourful Patterns

Colourful patterns of Childhood
 photo a_zps25371834.jpg

Colourful patterns of Harley's Bed
 photo aa_zps547ccea0.jpg

The Colourful Patterns Of Nature
 photo riverflowers.jpg

~ oOo ~


  1. Beautiful colourful captures Lynne nice work;)

  2. love them dear friend. my fav is the first

  3. Hi Lynne!! First I just wanted to thank you again for hosting last week's challenge. Great job!! Three great photos for this week's theme. The girls are having fun in that first shot. Why am I not surprised by their choice of riding the motorcycles? LOL. Have to say that Harley has one of the most colourful beds of any cat!! He looks very comfy. Beautiful flowers in the last shot.

  4. That first picture is so sweet! A wonderful capture,(and a wonderful caption) too!

    Harley is beautiful and what a lucky cat to have such a colorful and comfy bed!

    The flowers are so lovely and vibrant. The color makes me think of Easter.

  5. Beautiful colorful patterns in three different subjects.
    I like the second a lot, I think the black cat speaks loudly for the color patterns. :)

  6. Three wonderful colourful photos. The first lives with colour, the cat has a great contrast with the colourful covers and the flowers are just beautiful.

  7. The girls are beautiful, the cat adorable, and I am enchanted by the blues and greens of your bottom picture.

    Back to the cat, those patterns are really intriguing. Now my cat in jealous. And I am a little, too.

  8. Great photo of the two girls on the amusement ride. The photo of the cat on the bed is my favorite. What a great blend of colors and patterns. The flowers are lovely too.

  9. Lynne, your contributions never cease to amaze me... these three are fabulous!

  10. the top one is too cute! the other two are relaxing to look at *sigh*

  11. Wonderful contributions to this colourful theme. Mouse is jealousof Harleys blankets, so now we got trouble here. What are those lovely blue flowers called??????? I must have some plants, I simply love blue flowers.
    The girls are adorable and the colours divine.