Saturday, 16 March 2013

Picture This #191 ~ My Favorite Things

I love nice foods, Italian cuisine is my favorite.  :)
Cheese, wine and pasta are the major parts of the cuisine. 
 photo taken in Tuscany, Italy  2012
Italian Food

My favorite fashion accessory:  Scarfs 
photo taken in Madrid.  2013


  1. Good Morning Sophie. I love your favourites too.

    Italian foods have to be one of the most versatile in the world. I could eat pasta any day. I always say if you have pasta and tomato in the cupboard you have a meal, if you then have some cheese as well, you are rich. Amazing what you can rustle up in a second with ingredients from the pantry. I would buy myself poor in that store.

    aaaaaaaaaawww, scarfs, I have many, the only thing I love about winter is that I can wear my scarfs. On any given day , even a light silk is too hot in our summers.

  2. me to me to I am for all three

  3. Wonderful little shop and terrific shot of the three gals.

  4. ciao Sofia, you're like me I like Italian food too, lol

  5. Hi Sophie!! Wonderful choices for the theme. Love that first shot!! I like food from many different countries, but Italian is up there amongst my favourites, particularly their cheeses and cooked meats. Good second shot, too. Seems it was very much a scarf day that day!!

  6. wonderful captures one and all;)

  7. Very good photo of the shop - the food looks very tempting. Very good balance in the street scene with the people.

  8. Nice shop interior and a real temptation... I guess you didn't leave it without buying some or many things... Not suprising to see the second from you... I could feel your love for scarfs. Two excellent entries, Sophie!

  9. What a wonderful store with the owner sitting in the back, which, I think, makes the shot!

    Nice scarves, I have a few myself. ;-)