Saturday, 2 March 2013

Picture This #189 - A Moving Moment!

This shot was taken at the Bournemouth International Air Show, Two wing Walkers!


This is another shot from my Surfs Up set he was really moving LOL


Finally this really was a moving Moment, I was at Panama City Beach Florida in 2005 walking on the beach when I came across this poor creature, a Loggerhead sea turtle that had been flipped on its back by a wave and stranded as the tide started to turn.

I attempted to flip him back but he was too heavy, I looked around the beach for help but it was early in the morning and there was nobody in sight.

I tried once more to flip him and just at that moment one last wave surged up the beach and as I pulled it rolled him over, we both lay there for a second in the surf looking at each other and then he slowly dragged himself back into the ocean.

It was a very moving moment on many levels!

 Picture 048


  1. Cool movers on both the plans and the surf and a move is needed to help out the poor tortoise. Thanks for your comment on mine.

  2. Oh WOW ... what a truly moving story ... I can just imagine what must have gone through that turtles mind ... he must have been so thankful!!
    Beautiful surf capture ... can almost hear those waves ....
    I don't know how those people stand on those wings ... just the thought of it makes my palms all sweaty ...
    Three very different movements ... love it. I was hoping for out of the box thoughts ~smile~ .....

  3. Hi Baz!! I was expecting great shots from you for this theme, as you take some of the best 'action' shots around, and I wasn't disappointed!! Awesome shot of the wing-walkers and superb action-stop of the surfers!! That last one was moving in a completely different way. A wonderful shared moment after you had helped him back the right way up :-))

  4. Wow! Impressive! the first shot.
    Great action shot the second one.
    The last one is really moving...

  5. Your photos are always beyond my expectation... Fantastic trio!

  6. Thank goodness you were there to help the friend in need. You photos are awesome as usual Baz. Love them all.

  7. all are just wonderful--I especially love the surfer shot--
    but the old planes bring back memories I got to ride in one once

  8. Love your shots, real action. Very good catch of the wing walkers, good surfing shot and poor little turtle. I am sure you were his rescuer.

  9. I am so moved by your story of the turtle. Great picture, great story, very kind of you.

  10. All good examples of movement but love love love that last one.

  11. Amazing shots, Baz!

    That last shot brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your caring and persistence in saving your "friend in need".