Saturday, 23 March 2013

Picture This #192 ~ Glass

~ Glass ~

A pane of glass

  photo 024_zpsd6af357a.jpg

A glass of wine ...

 photo glass_zpsd19084c5.jpg

Glass reflections

 photo glasss_zps7c25d176.jpg

~ oOo ~


  1. Beautiful stained glass.

    Terrific shot of the party and the reflection of restaurant.

  2. Hi Lynne!! Nice to see you back, hope you're feeling better now :-)) Three great shots for Benni's theme. Nice stained glass window, seems we had the same thought there!! LOL. Where was yours taken and do you know what scene it depicts? A glass of wine is always welcome!! Nice shot of the carvery through glass.

  3. Hi Lynne! What a nice stained glass panel. I love your shot of the glass of wine - the young woman really makes the photo in that one. You did a wonderful job capturing the pattern in the glass window of the eatery. There is a warmth to that picture that I very much like. Glad you could make it this week.

  4. Great shots, Lynne. I especially love the second one and the casual feel of sitting around with friends having a drink or two.

    I adore stained glass windows. This is a very interesting one. What's going on there?

    Love the soft muted look of the last photo. " Book now for Mother's Day Carvery."
    Very curious. A sampling of meats?

  5. 3 very good glassy photos. Lovely stained window, a table full of glass (looks like everyone had a good time), and the last is very good with the reflections.

  6. All three are originally glassy. :)

  7. Hi Lynne
    i like your pictures a lot. Especially the way you
    shot the glass of wine. It looks so big.

  8. I agree with Susan, that glass of wine seem very attractive!

  9. Lovely colourful pane of glass, from a church perhaps or old building, tell us a story? Oh thanks a glass of red, just what I need after a silly shopping expedition with darling daughter. Looks like you had a nice time.

    I love the reflection in the glass counter at the deli or buffet, now I am hungry ........... again

    Have you been ill?? I do hope you are now feeling so much better.

  10. Love your three glassy photos, Lynne!!!

  11. Great take on the theme Lynne. Likes them all.