Monday, 10 June 2013


Great theme, Debby, thank you for hosting. Loads of scope for different interpretation as can be seen by the wonderful contributions already posted.

Congratulations to Danette, your wonderful rock looks great as banner this week.

 My first Fantasy is a photograph I originally wanted to delete and luckily did not. The start of an early early morning of trekking the elephants, just outside Skukuza gate ran into a herd of young rhino males. A bit of a scary moment, could not use flash, all the photos came out very dark. Found them recently and with the help of PicMonkey managed to lighten them, which gives a strange dreamy effect. My wish is that all our Rhino may stay safe , wonder if this herd is still alive. 

Fantasy Rhino

My second is from a mural I shot at Heia Safari Ranch, to me the Fantasy is that one day, all our animals will be happily roaming the big savannah, safe again:- 

  Fantasy - African Wall Painting

My third is from the town of Hartebeeespoort by the DAm wall, there is a new factory, that makes fibre- glass animals to size. I just about had an accident going past, I thought that the nearby game reserve had lost all their fencing. This one remind me of the story of Noah's Ark, the animals all lined up and ready to go.

  Fantasy, NOahs ark


  1. Beautiful trio of savanna images.

  2. Hi Marianne!! Three great shots for the theme. I really love that first one, the 'dreamy' effect makes it look like a painting.......whereas the the second shot IS a painting. LOL. Had to smile at the last shot, I can just imagine you doing a double-take as you drove past :-))

  3. I love the first one, like something from a dream. The second is very good and the third - well I want one of those in my garden, the elephant or the giraffe.

  4. wow! I'm glad you didn't get rid of that first one. It looks a bit ghostly.(Rhino spirits) I hope the rhinos stay safe, too.

    Fantastic mural!

    Cool shot of the fiberglass animals.They look VERY real.

  5. I also hope the animals are going to be safe! I used to dream of going to Africa and seeing them and perhaps I still will. Your rhinos are so mysterious and dreamy is a good word. That is my absolute favorite.

  6. Marianne, I love the images of the rhinos in that effect. It's terrible to know that rhinos are slaughtered for their tusks as well as elephants. There's a strange market for tusks. Nice depiction of the fantasy savannah. The animals in the last photo look they are lining up to enter the Ark. Great photos for this theme.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments, it is appreciated. It was a fun theme, Debby, though at first a bit daunting. Hugs

  8. Love the rhino shot, looks cool. but then again all of them do. NIce work, as always.