Saturday, 8 June 2013

Picture This #203 ~ Fantasy Factory

The Magical Mystery Tour is Coming to Take You Away

Oh I had so much fun with this theme, thank you very much Debby.

Forest Spirit

Can you see the Forest Spirit in this ancient tree root? I took this picture in 1977 in the rainforest of Washington State and later scanned it in. I can't imagine what Tom thought of his new bride seeing creatures in the woods.

Fancy Sugar Cubes

My Mother-in-law gave me these which she had saved for years. They are sugar cubes with birds painted on them in frosting. People used them for very special teas.

Bedroom at Abbott

Vincent Van Gogh made three paintings of his bedroom, all titled "Bedroom At Arles". I saw one recently and was so inspired I took this picture of my own bedroom.

  Forest spirit revealed

I added this to show where I saw the wood spirit. Outlined like this, he looks a bit more like Santy Claus.


  1. Hi Benni !! Three good shots for Debby's theme. I've been staring at the first shot for a while, I can't see a 'forest spirit', but I can see what looks like the face of a dinosaur in the right-hand part of the tree!! The sugar-cubes with the birds painted on them are really interesting and unusual!! Presumably they were painted with edible food dyes. A creative re-creation of Van Gogh with your final shot :-))

  2. Mysterious forest. Wonderful "collage". Sweet room.

  3. Love your three shots, Benni! How cute those sugar lumps are! If I had those, most probably I would never make use of them but would look at them from time to time. Interesting the last photo. You had a good idea!

  4. Such great shots for the theme, Benni. I can see loads of fairies hiding in the first one and if you close your eyes, you can hear them whisper and giggle too. *smile*

    I have never seen such sugar cubes before, but I doubt I could use them, they are so beautiful , deserve to be kept forever.

    Your bedroom looks lovely calm and serene and beautiful.


  5. I see your forest spirit, Benni! Cool shot and very imaginative.

    The sugar cubes are soooo sweet! My mother had a tiny tea set painted with birds that she let me play with when I was little. These cubes would have gone perfectly with them. It's wonderful how some things can trigger memories long forgotten. Thank you for that.

    I like your bedroom shot the best. It's lovely.

  6. Mitch, thank you, I think your dinosaur face is my spirit. I added an outlined version at the bottom.

    Anders, Belita and Marianne, thank you so much as well for your comments. Yes, I could never use sugar cubes like that. I am hoping to be able to keep them in good condition. I am glad you like the bedroom - as I say, Van Gogh was my inspiration and I find it so fascinating that he wanted to paint his room.

    1. Yep, that's where I was looking. Seems we just saw slightly different things :-))

  7. Debby, you and I must have been typing at the same time. What a lovely memory of your mother's tea set. Such wonderful things are often forgotten nowadays.

  8. hi cool all of them especially the last one

  9. Sorry I could not get around before I had visitors all day yesterday. 3 wonderful takes on the theme I love shots like your first showing interesting patterns in Nature;)

  10. the birds are fascinating, your bedroom is romantic looking (I like the flower pillow) and forest spirit is scary but I saw him right away!

  11. Heidi, Baz and Danette, thank you so much! There are so many interesting patterns in nature, it could even be a theme or perhaps it was. I am glad people like the bottom bedroom shot; I am very comfortable there. The flower pillow is one I got at a crafts fair. Thank you again.

  12. Hi Benni !! In case you come back for a look here, I've sent you an e-mail about hosting the next challenge.

  13. Hi Benni, all these photos are great. The sugar cubes are beautiful. Did people actually dissolve these cubes in their tea? I visualized the wood spirit in the first photo.