Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

I have lots of rock photos, but choosing three was hard. Here they are:

There are lots of rocks in the Grand Canyon:

If the rocks are there, why not climb them? Mohonk Preserve, Upstate New York:

Underwater rocks at Brick Reservoir:


  1. Hi Honey. Three terrific shots for Anders' theme. The Grand Canyon is, of course, the home of rocks!! LOL. Great shot of the climber, not seen that one before. Lovely shot of the water flowing over the rocks in the last one.

  2. Yes the grand canyon does Mean rocks to me. lol. and the climber is a cool angle. I really like the water flowing over the stream bed. These are all another fun addition to Ander's rock theme.

  3. An amazing rockformations. A daredevil in action, I see. Beautiful rippling water and light.

  4. Hi, Joanne! That is a unique picture of the Grand Canyon and I really like it!! I also really like the way you have taken the picture of the rock climber; it's full of interest. Water over the rocks - that is so nice.

  5. Wow! that first photo looks like the ruins of some ancient fortress!

    Great shot of the rock climber. Was he/she very high up?

    Pretty shot of the water and rocks. Love the patterns, ripples in the water

  6. a great variety of rocks, the top one is magnificent,second one is a reat capture and the last one is very zen like