Sunday, 23 June 2013

Picture This #205 ~ Green

Other than grass and trees, I don't have a lot of photos of green things. These are what I came up with.

Green cactus at Montezuma's Well in Arizona:

Nicky's green glasses:
Nicky Green Glasses

And the Green Lantern superhero:
Green Lantern


  1. Hi Honey!! Great variety of 'green' subjects :-)) I remember those cactii at MW. I think that's the one I backed into!! LOL. Nicky looks a 'cool dude' in his green glasses. What's that thing next to the Green Lantern? Looks like a giant bubble-maker :-))

  2. Looks prickly :D. Cool li'l guy. One of my favs of all superheroes.

  3. LMAO those glasses are a riot

  4. hi Joanne love your first pic.

  5. Love the cactus shot. Interesting glasses, very eye catching and a nice big green superman ready for action.

  6. Nicky looks very kewl!

    That's a nice closeup of the cactus.

    'Love the Green Lantern. I think there was a TV show about him when I was a kid.

  7. You may have not many photos of 'green' things but your three contributions are really good ones.

  8. I simply love your green, Joanne, wonderful and different, nice closeup of a succulent plant, the little boy made me smile, I don't know the cartoon character, but looks like fun

  9. Great shots of green! I love your grandson's glasses and the Green Hornet! They are all very nice. Interesting to see greens that are not plants (but the cactus is great as well.)