Saturday, 15 June 2013

Picture This #204 ~ I Wonder

Thanks for hosting Belita, will just take a seat in your comfy settee at the top.

And now to wonder about a few photos

I wonder if my apples will grow to be nice big and juicy by September
Baby apples
I wonder if he will arrive safely 
Paraglider Langendorf

I wonder if my chief feline Nera is dreaming about how to play the drums.
Computer Time for Nera


  1. I sure hope they will

    Lets keep our fingers crossed

    Maybe she wants to be in American Idol.

  2. Hi Pat !! Three really nice entries for Belita's theme. Looks like the apples are coming along nicely, I'm sure they'll be big and juicy in no time!! Good shot of the hang-glider, I hope he reached terra-firma safely!! Nera dreaming about playing the drums? I doubt doesn't feature tuna, mice or birds. LOL.

  3. What a lovely picture of the baby apples. I really like it. I hope your parachutist will arrive safely and I love seeing your fluffy black cat. Truthfully, I think she is thinking about knocking things down.

  4. All three are great shots. At first I thought that Hanglider
    was in trouble.
    Love your cat.

  5. Great shots, Pat! Lovely apple twins... if at that stage they look that good, you'll surely get an excellent 'crop'. Hope that hang-glider won't be like Icarus... Perhaps Nera is dreaming of nursing kittens...

    1. I don't think so. She is not the kitten type and that is the only visit to the vets that she has appreciated. Screaming kittens wanting food all day is not her thing, she is more the "I, me and myself" type.

  6. I hope your apples do grow to be nice and juicy!
    I hope he had a safe landing...
    Nera is probably dreaming about tuna fish

    Some pretty "wonder"ings!

  7. Love the apple tree shot. When I was a kid we had an orchard next door to our house and us kids would pocket the salt shaker and climb an apple tree and eat green apples to our heart's content. Boy, those were the days! ; ) Hope you have a delicious crop come fall!

    Wow! love the sky kite, or whatever you call them these days. Did you see the movie Sky Riders (1976)with James Coburn?

    Cool shot of Nera, as always.