Saturday, 29 June 2013

Picture This #206 ~ City, Town, or Countryside

Hi all sorry I did not get back to everybodys contribution last week had a crazy busy time, I love the theme this week Benni and here are my three images. Everybody have a wonderful weekend;)

City Lights - Down Town Detroit, 

Michigan, USA


Small town America - Manistee, Michigan,



Countryside - Moors Lake, Moors Valley,

Dorset, England



  1. HI Baz !! Three terrific shots for Benni's theme!! Love the shot of Detroit at night. The shot of Manistee reminds me a little bit of Williams, Arizona, where me and Joanne visited this year. It's a lovely typical Route 66 town. I'd like to have spent more time there and get shots of the town, but the main reason for being there was to catch the train to the Grand Canyon. After we'd done that trip, we didn't really have much time to explore the town itself. Moors Valley always looks beautiful, I enjoyed visiting there :-))

  2. Bright lights - big city.

    Wonderful street scene

    Beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Great pictures, Baz! Thank you so much for showing off Detroit as the magnificent lady of Michigan! I love Detroit; she has fallen on hard times, but your picture (I know right where it's taken from) has restored some of her glory to her. Then up north we go to Manistee in the YooPee (Upper Peninsula) with a very nice shot of a sleepy little town. And finally the cool green of Dorset; I can almost feel the breeze off the pond.

  4. Love the photos of Detroit and Manistee (the little town in the prairie?). Very good choices for a photo. Dorset is a wonderful theme for a photo, love it.

  5. Like the night shot of the city. The small town street is cool. I hope to find one like that today. Dorset completes the set nicely too.

  6. From the night time to the daylight shots, all the three are awesome!

  7. WOW Baz you do get around
    Your night shot is beautiful
    But I love Dorset.. Beautiful.

  8. You made downtown Detroit look so beautiful :P
    A typical small mid western town, love the angle and architecture!
    Beautiful Dorset Countryside!

  9. The lighting in the first is amazing and gives the scene a surreal look.

    Hometown, USA...that second reminds me of the town I spent part of my childhood in.

    Of course, it is the beautiful English countryside that is my favorite.

    Three very nice shots, Baz.

  10. Baz, I like the image of the small town in Michigan. It looks like Main Street USA. Great capture of Detroit at night. The image of the English countryside is restful. Great images.

  11. Very nice, Baz, but I by far enjoy the last one. Stupid busy here too, catch you later.