Monday, 24 June 2013

Picture This #205 ~ Green

This winter green was captured while Belita was driving, 
from Obidos on the way back to Lisbon.
Orange House

This photo was taken on a farm trip to Northern Ontario.
Morning Light

By the way, Green is not my color, I often find it difficult to manage when I paint. I am glad Mitch only ask for photos.  :)


  1. Hi Sophie!! Good to see you taking part. I really like the first shot, you managed to find one that combines both 'orange' (from your other post) with 'green'!! Subdued greens in the second shot, looks like maybe autumn had started.

  2. Hi Sophie! I like both shots. Orange is such an unusual (at least in these parts) color for a house. It's striking against the green.

    I love the pastoral scene and I LOVE old barns. I didn't know that you paint! Do you paint from your photos? This last one would make a lovely painting.

  3. Green is not my colour either - I had to wear a green school uniform for six years every week day and now I very rarely wear green. you photos are very good and prove that green in one country is not green in another.

  4. I love the orange and green in the first and the old barn really stands high and proud in the second. I am not a green person either, but do wear certain shades, more towards olive green, that goes nice with beige and greys.

    Show us a painting please, I used to do oils, but cannot draw to save my life, so now trying photography. *smile*

  5. it seems as you say, green is not your colour, don't worry. bye bye

  6. We all have our colours and green is not mine, either, unless I'm playing golf...

  7. That top picture, Sophie, is quite intriguing to me. The greens are set off wonderfully by the orange. The second picture also is very nice as a rural scene.