Sunday, 16 June 2013

Picture This #204 ~ I Wonder...

I wonder...

...which dog will let go first? 

...does she know I'm hiding behind her pillows, and will she make me get off of the bed? 

...why this stranger is stopping to take my picture and is she going to put it on Facebook? 


  1. "It's mine!" "No, it's mine!"


    "Are you looking at me? Are you LOOKING at me?"

  2. Wonder-full pictures and I especially like the cat at the bottom.

  3. The best dog always wins. Great action photo. the chi hua hua or whatever is so sweet and the Tabby cat is the image of our tabby. she even has the same bells and whistles around her neck and the Macdonalds M on her forehead. lovely picture.

  4. I like how you made the wondering coming from the subjects on the last two
    All very handsome animals.
    Who let go first in the top photo?

  5. Hi Debby!! Three funtastic photos for Belita's theme :-)) If those dogs are anything like mine used to be, they could be there all day waiting for the other to let go!! That middle shot made me laugh, it's so cute :-)) The cat is definately looking puzzled by this unexpected turn of events. LOL.

  6. Deb, three awesome shots for this week's theme! I would like to tell you which of the three is my favourite, but I've difficulty. I like all of them.

  7. Debby fantastic shots.. I love absolutely the muddle shot.
    It is a prize winner..