Sunday, 2 June 2013

Picture This #202 ~ Rocks

Wow nice to see my cherries on the top. Thank you. Glad you like the shot. Now getting a bit rocky for sure. Nice theme Anders. Rocks. Yes there are a lot of ways to view this topic. So starting out I am going in close and personal. LOL A bit of fire with these little bitty rocks. A fire ant hole.


Now a wonderful friend sent me these rocks that she had polished. I like the way they look with the light showing the colors. Moon you rock, pardon the pun. She is a past Picture This poster. Thank you.

Now getting a bit bigger and something you might wrap your mind around, or then again maybe not. Theses rocks are in front of the meditation garden set up for the Japanese peoples and anyone else like me who love to sit a take in the views.

And next the rocks that rocked our world. Oh the basalt that formed when North America was a really cooking place to be in. Well these rocks were uncovered 1000s of years later when the mighty floods washed through the area from Idaho. But what we have here is old lava beds that you can still see everywhere in the north west. Ooops I think this just put me over the limit. My bad!!

Rock on Everyone~!!


  1. Randall, great pictures of rocks!! Interesting to see fire ants up close, I saw them this winter in FL when they were painfully biting my foot. Your bottom picture leaves me in awe of those pillars and the forces of nature. Like the snow, too. And, of course, the Japanese garden picture is one of my all-time favorites. Absolutely perfect!

  2. Wonderful takes on the theme, i especially like the basalt columns a wonderful capture

  3. Amazing pattern of tiny pebbles in the first one and up close and in vivid detail in the second. Love the vivid white of the boulders against the irridescent green of the lawn. Impressive rock pillars.

  4. Yikes! Love the shot of the fire ants. We had those little rascals all over our backyard in Georgia.

    The polished rocks are so pretty!

    I like the rocks in the Japanese Garden, too. It does add interest, doesn't it?

    That last shot is my favorite.

  5. Hi Randall !! Your cherry photo was well-deserving of being the banner shot this week.

    As always you've posted great shots for the current theme. I hear those fire-ants have one nasty bite!! Glad we don't get them over here!! Those polished rocks in the second shot are beautiful. Nice photo of the rocks in the Zen garden, looks very peaceful. That last shot of the Basalt columns is just awesome!!

  6. I think you are forgiven for breaking rules with this lovely selection of rocks. Wonderful and interesting. I like your Moon selection.

  7. Love all those photos. Have never seen a fire ant, polished stones look really good, I will now start meditating in my garden amongst the stones and basalt columns are very impressive.


  8. I just notice this...sorry about that. I hate fire ants, the rocks are nice lol Love those smooth stones, the two big stones are also quite nice, glad you went over the limit, the last shot is something I have never seen before.