Saturday, 22 June 2013

Picture This #205 ~ Green

We don't even have green money in Switzerland, although the fifty franc note is green, but these days everything seems to be paid by credit card. Anyhow thanks for the theme Mitch, things are getting very green here now in the garden.

So here is my first photo. Actually there is a story (as everything). Last week I bought a new camera. Not a super DSLR but one for my handbag or pocket that is always with me. I bought a Canon Powershot G15 and am very pleased with it. It does super macros and the very first photo I took is the following. Just trying to see how close it really gets with just a normal close-up lens, not macro. Most of the basic cameras enlarge 4x, but this does it 5x. So here is a green part of the garden.


Mr. Swiss was driving home from shopping and out of boredom probably I took a few photos on the way. Not with the new camera, but its predecessor, the Lumix. Anyhow I found this came out quite well, but did not really know what to do with it. Now I do, you cannot get greener than this on the road from Langendorf to Feldbrunnen via Ruttenen
On the Road from Langendorf to Feldbrunnen 7

This plant is called Honesty. It is one of the first to flower in my garden. Some might call it a weed, but it has very pretty flowers, sometimes mauve, but mine were a deep pink. Almost more decorative than the flowers are the seed pods left after it flowers. I just leave them on the plant and next year have another show of Honesty in early Spring.


  1. Hi Pat!! Three great shots for the theme :-)) Good test shot with the new camera, nice close-up with standard lens. My shot of the sunlight through the Gunnera leaf with taken at standard lens setting, not macro. I like that second shot as you traveled along the road. It looks very verdant. Lovely shot of the 'Honesty'. I really like the seed-pods, they make a good photographic subject. Don't find it much around here, unfortunately.

  2. Love the summer meadow. The long and winding road. Honestly - they are really pretty.

  3. Hi Pat green money LMAO
    love your green especially the seed pods

  4. gute morgen pat, lovely green shot of a very greenish country

  5. My comment disappeared! lol, I'll try again! Love that first shot of the grasses and the garden and I can see your Honesty plant over to the right side of the photo.

    The trees along the road are so pretty!

    I really like the closeup of the seed pods.(my favorite)

  6. I like the three greens, Pat! The 'Honesty' plant is my favourite, not only for what its name implies but also the memories of childhood the photo brings back to me. There were such plants at my parents' garden...

  7. I like the second photo, the perspective, and the serene atmosphere.

  8. Nice first shot with your new camera! I love the road, long to drive along on it, nice persepctive. The Honesty plants grow around here and are lovely when the pods are dried. I like how you have captured them.