Thursday, 13 June 2013

Picture This #203 ~ Fantasy Factory

Picture This #203 ~ Fantasy Factory

Ok I couldn't think of too much to use for this theme. LOL but had to try something. So here is a bit fantasy from my Factory. 

The first is two shots welded together to show the fish and the men. I was playing around, and it stuck out to me. 

fish dream

The next is,, well just a shot of something in a junk store.


And from the same place, one of the toys I played with as a kid, in my fantasy world. He he



  1. Hi Randall !! A little late this week, but at least you found something for the theme :-)) If that first shot is two shots edited together, it's done really looks like all the elements were in the same shot!! I can't decide what's up with Uncle Sam in that second shot. Is he sticking his tongue out? Or does he have a detachable jaw? Cool Tonka toy in the last shot. Those things were built to last!!

  2. That is a beard that has seen better days on the old boy. Yes the first was two shots one with the men and the fish at another angle. I had one with just the fish, and decided to play with it and make them work together.

  3. Cool fishermen - is that Jona, his brother and the whalefish.

    He appears to be thirsty.

    It's jest hangin'.

  4. Great shots Randall, I especially like the first one, though. Wow, for making it work like that. Jonah and the whaled does indeed come to mind. *smile*

  5. Great shots, I am drawn to that middle one. It looks like something out of the "Twilight Zone" and for some reason is very spooky.

  6. I commented on this earlier. Looks like it disappeared.

    The first one made me think of men and their tall tales about fish..."The one that got away".

    I wondered about the "beard" on Uncle Sam, too...thought it might be a nutcracker.

    Love the Tonka truck! I remember lots of happy hours playing with my brother's. It wasn't always dolls and tea parties for little girls.

    Cool shots, Randall.

  7. Great job, this makes
    the visit more enjoyable.

  8. I can see why the first shot stuck out to you, there is a story there! Antique toys are so much fun and I was always jealous of the boys and their Tonka trucks!
    Some great photos for Fantasy!