Saturday, 15 June 2013

PT CCIV ~ I wonder

I wonder about the magnificence of nature's art.
I wonder at the brilliance of the fireworks.
I wonder at the excellence of some glass-blowers.


  1. Hi Anders!! I see you updated your 'wonderings' :-)) I have to agree with you on the first one. I never cease to wonder at nature's endless variety of shape and colour. Lovely shot of the flower. Yes, the fireworks are 'wonder'-ful. LOL. That last shot makes me wonder where the glass-blower got his inspiration. To me, it looks like the planet Saturn without it's rings.

  2. Your three 'wonderings' are very nice, Anders! At a first sight, the last shot, as Mitch has mentioned, reminded me of the planet Saturn. I always admire the cretivity of glass blowers...

  3. The flower is an iteresting shot, wondering how things will turn out when open. The Firewords is a good shot and the glass is something extra terrestial I think. Three good things to wonder about

  4. Three great shots; I love the brilliance of the red flower against the green foliage. Fireworks are a favorite of mine and that golden orb reminds me of a Greek myth, can't think of exactly what it is right now, but it involved a golden orb being thrown during a race.

  5. Nature in all its magnificence always has me wondering too...lovely shade of red
    Fireworks are amazing works of art
    Glass blowing is favorite shot!

  6. The beauty and intricacy of flowers always astounds me.

    Cool shot of the fireworks.

    That's a lovely glass globe.