Sunday, 30 June 2013


Wien (Austria) - one of my favourite European cities city

Town (Azores)
city (2)

Countryside (North of Portugal)


  1. Hi Belita!! Three great shots for Benni's theme. Lovely shot of Vienna, looks very colourful and cosmopolitan. The Azores town is beautiful, I love the pastel colours of all the buildings (very similar to some towns here in Wales, actually, like Tenby). Wonderful countryside in the third shot.

    1. Thanks, Mitch! Wien is a very lively and colourful city, which makes me love it. That Azores town is in the Terceira island. It became very important as the Portuguese discoverers sailed to the 'New World'. It was the first Portuguese town to be recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. You see that countryside when you sail up the Douro River that takes you to the Port wine region.

  2. Marvellous milling crowd

    Love the vivid colours

    Wonderful shot of the town perching on the cliff.

  3. Hi, Belita. Three terrific shots. You have captured the vibrancy of Wien, another European city I have visited and loved. I enjoy your street view of the people walking about and the colorful signs. The town in the Azores certainly deserves his Heritage site honors; it's intriguing with that little doorway begging me to come in. What a stunning shot of the Portuguese countryside!! I love how you have included the gentle hill and the white houses reflected in the river. Thank you for participating.

  4. Wien is one of my favourite cities as well, I love it. Lovely photo on the Azores. I would love to visit those islands once, mainly for the vegetation. The Portuguese view is lovely, I want to go there again.

  5. I have been to Austria and it is a fivorite of mine too.
    Your shot of Azores is beautiful
    But Portugal is so beautiful
    I would love to visit there longer next time.

  6. The first shot is so full of life. I like all of the details, and movement. The man and woman facing each other arouse my curiosity, I wonder what they are talking about? :) I like the colorful houses and blue skies in the Azores photo and the country side is a beautiful panorama!

  7. Love that first shot of Wien.Love the editing too.

    The second one is so charming and inviting.

    The scene of Portugal is lovely. What a pretty village there on the hillside.

  8. I love the street scene in Vienna. It's so vibrant. The pastel colored houses in the Azores is lovely. What a wonderful place to visit. I also like the houses by the riverbank.

  9. Love all the colors in the different places

  10. I like the geographic composition in the second shot.
    Next time I will visit North Portugal from Barcelona. :)

  11. I love to travel with you Belita. Such captivating photographs all. The first one so strikes me as similar to street scenes from my years in Denmark. The Walking Street (Gaa-Gaden) in Copenhagen, no cars allowed, loads of shops and small cafes, stretching from one side to the other of the city. Great entries.

  12. The shot of wien is very colorful and shows the activity really well on the streets. Love the water front view.