Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Picture This #205 ~ Green

Ok, down to the wire again. LOL. What is happening with me and the time line? I have been checking in after work, just thinking 'where this theme will take me?' but as of today, I have been really way out on a green limb of sorts. Well time to get off the pot, so here is what I have for this weeks theme. A really good theme it is too. Kind of pushes the mind to come up with something new, but alas new is not in the cards this time. So from my eyes and the files taken before, here is a real bugger for me. Green dragonfly. 


Or here we have some new green life unfolding before my eyes. A fern is born.


Ok last, and still keeping it small. A green back drop for a butterfly, with a splash of color in between.  Have fun and always carry the camera. When you don't have it with you the moments always show them selves. Sheesh, I need to live by my own words here. LOL.


  1. Thank you for putting my shot as the background this week. I am looking forward to getting more shots like that this next month. Very fun.

  2. Hi Randall !! Better late than never!! Worth waiting for, though....three excellent shots for the theme. Fabulous dragonfly shot and the 'unfurling fern' is just awesome!! Beautiful butterfly in the last shot compliments the flowers and the greenery.

  3. Wow that is an amazing shot of the dragonfly.

    Looks like a Triffid - is it it's day yet? ;)

    Exquisite shot.

  4. Mitchy took the words out of my mouth, very well worth waiting for. The dragonfly is magnificent caressing the tip of the plant. I love the butterfly as well with the green background. My favorite has to be the fern, slowly unfurling. It's beautiful how the background moves from dark to light.

    Excellent advice about taking the camera everywhere; I try to do this and I also try to take pictures of everything, of every angle. I know I have driven walking companions crazy.

  5. Gorgeous photos, Randall. I especially love the fern.

  6. Fabulous three photos! Superb detail in the first and second... beautiful composition in the third, my favourite...

  7. great shots all three of them.

  8. it is never to late --these are all very wonderful thanks

  9. I love them all, but my real favourite is the fern in the middle. Such a wonderful shot - a fern is born