Monday, 17 June 2013

Picture This #204 ~ I Wonder...

  Picture This #204 ~ I Wonder...I am trying to be a bit more timely with this weeks theme. Been working so still having to pull from the folders. But still making a go of it. So I wonder?

Which is more comfortable. One leg or none?

I wonder, could this be a good thing to be doing right now.

I have to wonder what this owl is thinking right now?


  1. Hi Randall !! Three great shots for Belita's theme!! Personally, I think the gull on the right looks more comfortable, but a lot of them do stand on one leg, so who knows?? LOL. I wonder if you should have been indoors with that second one!! Spectacular shot though!! The owl is probably thinking "I wish the guy with the camera would go away, he's scaring off the mice" LOL.

  2. I have seen so many birds stand on one leg I think it might be just as comfy as sitting down...

    If you were outside, that is a very valid question, what are those bokeh type circle? Wow what a shot...

    Look at the eyes on that owl!

  3. Seems like one leg would be awfully tiring, but flamingos don't seem to mind!

    The pic of the electrical storm is amazing! I hope you were well grounded! ; )

    The owl looks very wary of you, Randall. Fantastic shot!

  4. "George, do chill, man. There isnt anyone around to be afraid of."

    Amazing display of the power of nature.

    "Who goes there?"

  5. Three awesome shots, Randall! As to the top photo, I think both stances are comfortable. I wonder if they stand on one leg they may get the other leg muscles relaxed. Incredible shot of that lighting bolt illuminating the night sky. I wonder it was followed by heavy rain... Love the shot of the owl...

  6. It was a bit wet of a shot. I was standing at the edge of my patio roof line. You can see where the rain was starting to hit the lens. Trying to set up the tripod and not get the camera wet was the hard part. This week we have more storms coming so maybe I will get a new chance to shoot a few more shots. Thank you all for the comments. I will be by yours soon as time allows.

  7. I think the bird changes the leg to transfer the weight and make an interesting photo. the lightening is a great capture, I want to do that one some day as well. I just love the owl, he looks so human. Perhaps he saw something to eat crawling around.

  8. Randall, I love the capture of the lightning. I would wonder about safety being outside too. Great shot of the owl. It is probably wondering why am I interesting to you. Great exposure of the bird. The gull photo is funny.

  9. Great lightning, fabulous owl!! They are reclusive birds; we hear them at night and find their pellets, but this is the first one I have seen this close. Thank you. On the gulls, another fine Zen picture. I have often wondered the same myself about how they make the decision to lie in the sand or stand on one foot.