Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Picture This #204 - I wonder. . .

I wonder if anyone threw up when they got off this ride:

I wonder if the water was cold:

I wonder what they're reading:


  1. Hi Honey!! Good to see you posting for Belita's theme. I'd be ok on that ride in the first shot, but I'm sure there's some who would lose their lunch!! The water in the second shot definately looks cold!! I wouldn't want to find out!! As for the last shot....I guess it depends how old the statue is. If it's less than ten years, then they're probably reading Harry Potter!! LOL.

  2. Do the twirl. "HEEAVE!" Once Upon A Time...

  3. At my age I would be more worried about my back than my stomach. It's a lovely picture with the colors and people against a blue sky. I also love pictures showing the many colors of the sea. Grey is not always cold, I have discovered, so I wonder too. What fascinates me about the picture of the children is the phone number in it. I wonder what would happen if I called it (but I won't). It just seems so curious though. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Love the boat being launched pic. Very cool. The children on the last one is very eye catching for sure. I don't know if my old body would like being flung around as those are being flung in the first. Nice work.

  5. lol, I wonder if anyone had a heart attack on that ride!

    Awww, gee! can't see the name of the book on that last one.

    The boat shot is my favorite. I wonder where they were heading? Out to rescue someone in trouble.

    All three wonderful shots, Joanne!

  6. Hi, Joanne, very good to see you taking part in this week's challenge, with three excellent contributions. I wonder I would ever ride on that carousel... Brave people those are! I don't wonder about the temperature of the sea but what they are going to sail for...perhaps fishing... I like the friendly feel of the two children... Of course, I also wonder what they are reading but from their faces it seems it's not a tragic novel but something like the Wonderful Wizard of Oz...

  7. First one is a good action shot, but not my action. The second is a good snap of the moment and I just love the third, such a good composition.